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XTAR 4U USB-Ladegerät

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A small box full of electronics Kundenmeinung von YVES SOUSSI

1) A small box full of electronics

Xtar 4U USB charger: it cost almost nothing, but inside the blue box you have

1 pcs of double sided epoxy PCB
4 pc ICs (integrated Circuits)
1 pcs 220V / 5V power suply
+ many resistors, capacitors, rectifier diodes

If you had to built such a small machine by yourself, you will spend minimum 2 or 3 days.

So , purchasing such a complex device for such a low price , with high quality manufacturing is a really good bargain.

You can find pictures here


bien à vous
YVES SOUSSI (Veröffentlicht am 29.05.18)

1 Artikel

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