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Sanyo UR14500AC 800mAh - 1.52A - Reclaimed

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2 Artikel

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Alt aber gut Kundenmeinung von Felix
Ich hate 20 Stück bestellt. Eine Zelle war laut Datecode von 2005, evtl. fehlinterpretiert, oder Fehldruck. Alle Zellen funktionieren tadellos und haben mindestens die angegebene Kapazität. (Veröffentlicht am 12.01.23)
used but okay Kundenmeinung von Thom Brick
I bought 6 of these cells in the hope that at least half of them still has a decent capacity. It turns out all still have around 780mAh of capacity which is still in spec. Internal resistances are between 100mR and 150mR measured with my OPUS BT-C100 which seems also normal for this size of battery. The only unusual measurement is the average discharge voltage which is only 3,25V@200mA. This is well below the typical spec but as I have no new battery to compare I don't know if this is type specific or an aging effect. If I interprete the marking correct (1406, 1409, 1411) all batteries are manufactured in 2014. As they are recycled from some battery packs they come with the usual welding points at the top and bottom. (Veröffentlicht am 11.12.22)

2 Artikel

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