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1S Bms / Pcb 1Mos - 5530 - 3A - 3.6V

1S Bms / Pcb 1Mos - 5530 - 3A - 3.6V

Kundenmeinung (erstellt am 1. Mai 2018):

1) From Li-Ion to Li-Ion battery: design a new battery pack for old mobile phone

For my hobby I purchase for a few euros obsolete mp3, telephone, PALM organizer, camera, with dead Li-Ion battery

And I replace the dead Li-Ion battery with a new 12W Li-Ion Battery , it is very easy ! And it is funny. Most of the time obsolete electronics product are more rugged, better quality than new one and they cost almost nothing: all they need is a new Li-ion battery that you can purchase at Nkon.

2) Recycle old mobile telephone and start your new business !!

3) How to do it : for a telephone (for a MP3, it is much simpler)

What you need

1 pcs of 18650 unprotected Li-Ion, the highest capacity is the better (i.e. Sanyo NCR18650GA 3350mAh - 10A).from Nkon

1 pcs of 1x 18650 Battery holder with wires

1 pcs of 1S PCM/PCB 1MOS - 5530 from Nkon (the lowest price on the market, they sell it x5 price on Ebay !!) to protect the Li-Ion.

1 pcs of wrapping or a plastic case to protect the case of the Li-Ion

1 pcs of soldering Iron

1 pcs of small PCB

1 pcs of resistor 7.4 Khoms to replace the Thermistor

Here is a video = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt9Eqo_vfSU

Good luck, and now you start new a Job if you read me !!

Bien à vous