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Enercig 14500 650mAh - 13A

Enercig 14500 650mAh - 13A

Kundenmeinung (erstellt am 16. September 2018):
I recently went through a whole lot of battery reviews and made notes of exceptional performers.
This cell is the best high C performer I found in the 14500 category.
Nice discharge curves all the way up to 7A load. The increasing voltage sag gets huge at 10A and the cells start to struggle, but they can actually handle it!

Very few applications require that much output from a 14500, but up to 5A the performance is really good and they stay above 3V almost all of the way to 650mAh! 3,3V+ to 600mAh @3A and almost 550mAh @5A.

Complete test: https://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/Enercig%20TN14500HP%20650mAh%20(Gray)%20UK.html