Advantages Lithium-Ion batteries

Nowadays, you can check that many powerful technological companies are investing on Lithium-Ion batteries due to their high quality and performance. In addition, we cannot forget that by choosing Lithium-Ion batteries you are supporting electrical energy, therefore, it is a great option for our planet.

  • High Energy Density

Lithium-Ion batteries provide the highest energy density than any other battery technologies existing today (100-265 Wh/kg).

With electronic devices such as electric vehicles that need to work longer between charges and at the same time still consuming more power, therefore that is why there is always a necessity of batteries with a much higher energy density.

This is the reason why Lithium-Ion batteries are easier, faster, and long-lasting for charging.

High Energy Density VS Power Density

When batteries are able to store huge quantities of energy that means that they have higher energy density, while batteries with a higher power density will be able to release higher amounts of energy quickly.


  • Self-discharge

Another advantage of lithium batteries is that their rate of self-discharge is much lower than that of other rechargeable cells such as Ni-Cad and NiMH forms. It is typically around 5% in the first 4 hours after being charged but then rate typically stated by manufactures to be around 1.5 or 2% per month.

It is sensitive to high temperature and if the battery is completely discharged, it can no longer be recharged again.

So, thats why we must take care of the lithium batteries in order to keep them in good state and get the best performance.

  • Low maintenance and durability

One important benefit about Lithium-Ion batteries is that they do not require a lot of maintenance to ensure their performance. These kind of rechargeable batteries have a durability estimated about two to three years that is equal to 300 to 500 charge cycles roughly. One charge cycle is a time of use from 100% charged, to fully discharged, and 100% recharged again.

But if we want that Lithium-Ion batteries give to us their maximum potential we must follow these simple steps to maintain your Lithium-Ion batteries healthy.



  • Longer life

Nowadays almost all electronic gadgets are using Lithium-Ion batteries that’s why they are getting better in terms of energy density, longevity and technology has given a big boost to safety of Lithium-Ion batteries.


  • Variety of types

There are many types and sizes of Lithium-Ion batteries, which makes it convenient to use them in different application for example, the rechargeable battery in your smartphone is going to have different power requirements than the battery in your electric vehicle.

In the following images you can check what kind of Lithium-Ion batteries you can buy at NKON.

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