What 18650 battery for?

The 18650 battery is a model of rechargeable battery of lithium of 3.7 volts. These rechargeable batteries are very similar to AA batteries but a little bit bigger size. These 18650 batteries also calling Li-ion batteries.

The advantage of these rechargeable batteries is there are very lightweight batteries. Furthermore, have high energy capacity and resistance to discharge. In addition, those can resist many charging cycles.

Where can you use 18650 batteries?

You can use this kind of 18650 batteries in many electronical devices. From the little ones could be flashlights, lights for bikes to powerful devices such as, drills, electrical cars, electrical bikes, lawnmowers. Also is possible to build battery packs to use for a drone motor, electrical bike, among others.


The capacity and discharge of the 18650 battery

There are many types of 18650 batteries is distinguished by discharge amps and maximum capacity.

When we refer about capacity this one is express in milliamps/hour this indicated us the autonomy of each 18650 battery, being of longer duration the more mAh has these 18650 batteries. The most common capacity of rechargeable batteries is between 2000 mAh and 4000 mAh.

When we refer about discharge this one is express in amperes this is the maximum current that can supply the power demand of the device. The capacity of the rechargeable batteries could range from one to others, from 3 A (amps) to 35 A (amps). 

What is the meaning of 18650

Many people ask to us what the meaning is of 18650. The 18 indicates the diameter (18 mm) of 18650 battery in millimeters. Next, the number 65 indicates its length (65 mm). The total length of the 18650 battery with the head and protections.

 How to choose the best 18650 battery for your device

  • Firstly, you must know the power of the device you need to power and the maximum length that the rechargeable battery should be to fits inside the device.
  • The power of the device that might be indicated in amps should be stay below of the battery discharge (amps) you use, or you will never get it to
  • You must be conscious that the intensity is always defined by the needs of the device until the maximum that the 18650 batteries resists. This means that the rechargeable battery with the higher discharge rates can be use in devices with lower power and the autonomy will be greater than that shown in the specifications.
  • For example, if you have a flashlight what consume 12 amps, that will be the maximum intensity of work reach out although the 18650 battery has 30 amps or more.