Calculator for Li-Ion batteries

We want to share with you an useful tool where you could calculate some measures of Li-ion batteries such as battery capacity, amps, watt-hours, batery life, among others. This could help you when you have doubts before buying between some models of Li-Ion batteries. It is a very easy way to solve your frequent asked questions about which Li-Ion battery best suits your device and it very convenient for beginners in this amazing world of Li-Ion batteries.

Before you start to check it out we will explain a bit the two kinds of calculators you will find it for calculating different aspects of your Li-Ion batteries.

There are two differents modes to calculate a Li-Ion batteries or which are best for your necessities:

Battery Life calculator

In this mode you will be able to calculate the battery life of a Li-Ion battery. Therefore, you are going to be able to get roughly time that your Li-Ion battery will last with charge and at the same time keeping your device with battery.

Click here for the calculator

Battery Capacity calculator

It this mode, you will be able to calculate the battery capacity of a Li-ion battery. You will need at least two measures of the Li-Ion battery in order to get one result such as, voltage, battery capacity or watt-hours of the Li-Ion battery.

Click here for the calculator


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